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Thalakwadi High School

In response to a request by renowned teachers, the Model Education Society was formed by Adv. Vinayakrao Muzumdar, and Adv. Lele in 1939. The Tilakwadi High School was started on 12th June 1939 with stds I to V (corresponding to V to X, as of today) as a boys’ school ---- (Balika Adarsh Vidyalaya had already been started next door as a girls’ school) ---- teaching ‘A’ Div in Marathi and ‘B’ division in Kannada. More than 160 students joined the school in 1939 itself. By 1943, the need was felt for more rooms and a bigger school. 8 rooms were constructed and the school went from strength to strength. By 1960, however, the management felt that the infrastructure and requirements of the school were beyond their capabilities and so they decided to hand the school over to the SKE Society. Dr. V. R. Ginde was made the School Committee Chairman. More rooms were built including the second floor (above the present Swadhyay Vidya Mandir). Classes from V to VII which had been shut down for some years were restarted. Today the school provides education in Marathi to more than 400 boys and girls from VI to X standards.

Swadhyay Vidya Mandir

Swadhyay Vidya Mandir was started as a Marathi school in 1945 with around 60 children in stds. VIII to X, by Shri Kashinath G. Warty, the retired headmaster of Tilakwadi High School, for ‘difficult boys’ from various schools. It was situated at Gawli wada (opp. Millenium Gardens), Tilakwadi, and named Tutorial High School (Swadhyay Vidya Mandir). Many teachers joined here after retiring from other schools. The first batch, which included the Warty boys, passed out in 1946. The school was handed over to the RSS in 1960 when the Wartys moved to Bombay. The RSS in turn handed over the school to S.K.E. Society in 1964. The management then decided that Tilakwadi High School would be run as a Marathi medium school while the newly acquired Swadhyay Vidya Mandir would become a Kannada medium school, both teaching boys and girls together.

Mohanlal Rampal Bhandari Kannada School & Vaikunt Mukund Shanbhag Marathi School

In 1990, considering the great demand for quality vernacular schools, the Society decided to start two schools, one in Marathi and one in Kannada medium. With the help of generous donations, the two schools were started as self-financed schools, providing education from KG to X std. There are over 1000 students studying in the two schools. In 2013, the government decided to give aid to these schools. Thus 10 of the teachers in both the schools together get salary from the government.